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Terran Medic - Making of Terran Medic - Making of

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I see here a lot of work. But great effect after all.
PS In picture 5 appears some kind of grid on helmet. Is it drawn or did u used some photoshop effect?

Vonschlippe responds:

The "grid" on the helmet is actually a honeycomb pattern straight from google. It was black lines on a white background, so I inverted it so it would become white lines on black, then set the layer mode to "screen". Afterwards all I needed to do was to warp the image into its final curved shape, and cut it to size!

Hope this helps! ^^

Omega Bed Bug Omega Bed Bug

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Oh god, i just love this kind of monsters. Its awesome.

Ecology afterlife Ecology afterlife

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Nice piece of bird :D.

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Louis Armstrong Louis Armstrong

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O yeah!

Great, just great.
BTW, first place of newgrounds art, nice...