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Hi Newgrounds, I have soundcloud!

2013-09-23 06:12:14 by Ajgor

And I though you may like it.

Here it is: https://soundcloud.com/ajgorp

Any comments appreciated, I hope you enjoy it. ;D


2012-08-28 19:52:55 by Ajgor

Allrighty NG i uploaded a 'song'. You better enjoy it OR ELSE...

2 years and no scout

2011-06-28 13:58:45 by Ajgor

Yeah newgrounds is freakin annoying

Jeez, inspiration wtf?

2011-05-15 14:38:19 by Ajgor

Yeah don't know what to draw. Last one was incredible for me :P (lol so humble), but lets do some moar!

New drawning buddies!

2011-05-11 15:10:21 by Ajgor

Maan, I made a Guy-Manuel helmet'n'stuff and now its a time for Thomas!
Yeah I was working pretty hard on this one, but it's totally worth it.
But now a question:
Gray or black?
Here is the gray one, black-background one is in my art submission portal.
Respond what do think!

New drawning buddies!

As I promised...

2011-02-20 13:30:15 by Ajgor

...I drawn something when i was sick, NCR guard right in my art submissions, Enjoy!


2011-02-13 05:59:20 by Ajgor

Finally some free time.

I'm sick.

2011-02-10 08:25:53 by Ajgor

I'm just literally sick. I wont waste my time and i will draw something.

2.92/5.00; 7/10

2011-01-25 08:11:07 by Ajgor

Wow, thats a score of my animation. I'm proud of it, and I didn't except more.
I wanna thank to everyone who watched it, gave me nice score, and all reviewers. That also means that i must do moar projects.

2.92/5.00; 7/10


2011-01-20 16:31:53 by Ajgor

So my crappy animation appeared on the Newgrounds! Enjoy!
PS I know that I uploaded this picture once, but i like it :D.